Greek Herbs seminar with Stella K. and screening of 
Date With Thyme (2015) by Joseph Walsh

7th October 2015 8pm @LIFE SPORT

This is the 1st session of a series of seminars on
Ancient Greek Herbal Medicine in English (with Greek)
Please RSVP
Stefanos Mandrake bar will be serving after

Following the herbal session we will be presenting Date With Thyme (2015) by Joseph Walsh
on 7th October 10.15 pm, open to everyone

Date With Thyme (Digital and Hi-8 Video, 2015) is a new film work by Joseph Walsh (b. 1978, UK), largely inspired by a herbal medicine course the artist attended. The film features scenarios in which a cook trains an apprentice, handling the ingredient thyme; and a man whose hearing becomes enhanced through drinking the herb. These characters are intercut with images of food still life, akin to food photography of 1960/70s cookbooks, where colours are highly saturated and unrepresentative of the food they document. Walsh sees these compositions as a form of seductive space, an environment capable of nuanced sensuality. 'Date With Thyme' continues the artist's interest in how we can know each other in different capacities, taking influence from our understanding of the thingness of objects.

Stefanos Mandrake bar will be serving after 10pm