FITNESS POVERO video by Nina Cristante in collaboration with LIFE SPORT

Nina Cristante and LIFE SPORT share an interest in the reclaiming of independence and self-sufficiency over basic life aspects and needs as a way to self-empowerment.

Cristante's ongoing works ZAO DHA DIET and FITNESS POVERO are highly individuated nutrition and health consultation systems that consider personal taste and intuition by listening to inner cues. Food becomes pharmacological and nutrition is evaluated by acknowledging metabolism and life style. The FITNESS POVERO exercise routines focus on independent workouts in time of austerity and active living, eliminating economic restraints by using what is readily available. The apparent easiness inherent to the artists' approach to attain physical well-being carries an intimidating hint of 'no excuse', adding to the pressures of making life improvement into a sport. This collaboration is joint by a survivalist instinct to reclaim ownership over our bodies and subsequently our clarity of mind within a process we could call a shared recovery.

The video features LIFE SPORT sweatpants and a musical composition by Nina Cristante. All sweatpants sales go directly to our producers in Athens and to our efforts of generating alternative arts funding in a time and place where there is none.