Lulou Margarine
Peaceful Protest (Paradise)

Opening - 21st July 21:00
22nd July - 3rd Sep
(Opening times: by appointment only)

LIFE SPORT Ergotimou 26, 11634 Athens Greece

Peaceful Protest (Paradise) is a new installation by Lulou Margarine for LIFE SPORT. The floor based works in this exhibition mark the convergence of two of the artist's ongoing series: the boldly painted Avant-Garde Flowers and slight spatial interventions using cinnamon, Peaceful Protest. Appearing decorative and delicate in nature, Margarine's seemingly placid works usually sting upon second glance. At their root is the challenging of identity and gender codes, art historical references and personal narratives that embrace banal effectiveness combined with potent critique. Margarine's cinnamon flowers are a sensual attack that function as an aphrodisiac as much as a repellent. Her bittersweet expression deliberately opens itself to misreadings, thereby exposing the harshness of judgement inherent to interpretation and categorization (the specious dream of consensus). Peaceful Protest (Paradise) may suggest a refusal of the notion of utopia (literally "no place"), paradise referring to a state of perfection made comprehensible by its proximity to desire, from which it is always paradoxically divorced.

Lulou Margarine is currently living in New York City. Previous solo exhibitions include Time of Day (2017) at Queer Thoughts and Help Me (2016) at Princess, New York. She has participated in recent group exhibitions at Project Native Informant, Condo (2017), London, TJIGGER FJUN (2017) at Panicz, Osstende, and Mindy Rose Schwartz, Stefanos Mandrake, Lulou Margarine (2016) at Et al etc., San Francisco.

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