What to do next.

Bill Lee
Lulou Margarine
Marlie Mul
Michele Di Menna
Stefanos Mandrake

Opening Friday 8 April / 21:00
Exhibition dates 9-25 April 2016

'What to do next.' revolves around Stefanos Mandrake's disconnection to the outside by falling into shock state some time ago. He just didn't know what to do next and probably shut down at the realization of his own existence. Having lost control over his life and hitting rock bottom, however, his neurological ink persistently plotted a way out. Stefanos continued to move on in free fall, embarking on a creative revolution down the Southern drain, paving way to a post-crisis identity (a little more left). Returning to his roots for an evening with artworks, performances and drinks at the bar, he will be joined by friends and muses. Enter through the Jogger shop from 8pm

"A bar is not just drinking, it's art, pissy art ((shrug))" - Stefanos Mandrake

what happened previously

see documentation of the exhibition here (art viewer)