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Issue 2 and 3
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Issue 2

Dear Life Sport,

Do you believe the earth is flat?

- Anonymous

Issue 3

Hi Lifesport,

I have a friend who I have great dialogue with. We live in different cities but chat a lot online and whenever we meet in person, we get on really well. The issue is that he repeatedly uses me to network. Whenever I introduce him to friends or acquaintances, he kind of jumps on them, immediately follows them on social media and starts writing to them privately. He even sends them stuff in the post. He acts like it's the most normal thing in the world. Am I being weird about it or is his behaviour off? What really annoys me is that he does this even with people he previously said he didn't like or respect, but if he sees an opportunity, he connects with them anyway. I find it flakey and think he's lacking integrity. Do you think it's normal he does that, seeing he's an artist too and trying to build a network, or is it a sign of bad character?

- Anonymous