Volcanoes, LS Athens, 2019

'I'm so fucky', Paul Knopf, Berlin, 2019

Greyt, LS at Point Chaud, Lausanne, 2018

Schmaltz, LS at Guimarães Vienna, 2018

Group Habits, LS at Akademie Galerie Nürnberg, 2018

Paris Internationale, 2018

universe 3, LS RAT Athens, 2018

Culturewear at Space 31/Nhu Duong, Berlin, 2018

Somewhere in between at Etablissement d'en Face / Bozar, Brussels, 2018

LIFE SPORT at Queer Thoughts, NYC, 2018

Counter Quality at 650mAh, UK, 2018

Cosmopolitanissimo at JIMMY HOO, Brussels

Lulou Margarine - Peaceful Protest (Paradise), LS Athens

'Up', LIFE SPORT at A Maior, Viseu, Portugal

Closed on the inside, a better view from outside, LS Athens

universe 2, LS Berlin

universe, LS Berlin


LIFE SPORT at Piscine / Kunsthal Aarhus

LIFE SPORT at MAMA Rotterdam

'Vasilis', LS Athens

What to do next., LS Athens

Nina Cristante, life sport, LS Athens

Pedro Barateiro: Tourism/The Current Situation, LS Athens

LIFE SPORT at Swimming Pool, Sofia

Black on black - an exhibition by Stefanos Mandrake, LS Athens

FITNESS POVERO by Nina Cristante with LIFE SPORT

LIFE SPORT at Künstlerhaus Bremen

Trash Strike! by Puppies Puppies, LS Athens

Kimmo Modig talks about the difference between 99% and 100%, LS Athens

Sculptor (NGC55): Katerina Kana, LS Athens

Throuwe: a disc slowly retreating: Sebastian Rozenberg, LS Athens

B and/or: Valentinas Klimašauskas, LS Athens