Sweatpants can make a difference!

Life Sport offers support with the realisation of artistic projects in the form of monetary contribution and/or skill share! We are a team of individuals with experience in different areas and able to assist in the completion of small-scale projects

Proposals should share affinities with Life Sport or relate to any of the following: 
  • Softness soft practices, acknowledging vulnerability, projects promoting subtle qualities
  • Stretchability cross-over practices, projects that don't fit existing formats, stretching limitations, exercising complexity
  • 'We are all' projects that value collective over individual achievement
  • Own yourself reclaiming autonomy, resourcefulness, DIY approaches

Send proposals in any format (max 10Mb) to and include total budget needed to complete the project

Deadline for next submission: TBA

DON'T HAVE A PROJECT? Support those that do by owning yourself a pair of Life Sport sweatpants

Previous SUPPORT: 
#4: Caribic Care (2020)
#3: Shanzhai Lyric (2019)
#2: Matthew Richardson (2018)
#1: Sara Graça (2017)