at LIFE SPORT Athens (rooftop)
Opening 18th June 8-10pm

LIFE SPORT shows a selection of volcano drawings from Caribic Residency's open call for a 2-day Caribic HYPER Residency at the summit of Mount Etna. The call was open for one week to apply by email with a drawing of a volcano.

"It's a shortlist of 25 volcanoes from 250 applications we received in just a week. We really loved the immediacy of the volcano drawings and think they are a timely comment on social change, depicting hot air and destruction."

Volcanoes by

Stephen Aldahl
Paul Barsch
Miguel Bendaña
Dora Budor
Olga Cerkasova
Valko Chobanov
Nina Cristante
Ella Fleck
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann
Giorgia Garzilli
Deanna Havas
Hd Kepler
Navine G. Khan-Dossos
Mattia Macchieraldo
Antonis Magoulas
Nissa Nishikawa
Berry Patten
Philip Pilekjær
Giorgio Sadotti
Emil Keller Skousen
Borbála Soós
Marcel Stahn
Beatrice Steimer
Raphaela Vogel
Julija Zaharijević

Caribic Residency is an emerging artist residency model since 2008. Open calls have been a regular feature to engage with more people, whilst residencies remain one-on-one.

Volcano drawings will be on view for one week on a rooftop in Athens

Everyone welcome, venue is private so please rsvp for address